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Market drivers

Green agriculture investment

Multi-billion dollar plants and factories are currently built around the strengths and weaknesses of the catalysts at their core. Many of today’s inefficient catalyst reactions were discovered more than 100 years ago and have changed little. The problem was that no one truly understood what made catalysts tick.

Add to this:

More stringent emissions legislation

Economic impact of supply chain disruptions

Increasing demand for clean energy generation & utilisation

Critical demand for new EV energy storage solutions

Demand to replace rare earths in semiconductor applications

Reduction in environmental and societal impact of rare earth element mining

The times are changing… radically.

Competitive Landscape

There are currently no known competitors using excited-state chemistry for any catalyst-driven applications.

Practically all industrial catalysts today utilise platinum group metals and/or rare earth elements at ground energy state.


EXCITONICS’ catalysts power systems using normal, readily-available oxides at elevated energy states for higher power densities and unparalleled efficiencies at a fraction of the cost.

The opportunity

  • The Company is seeking US$4.7M in dilutive funding to move the technology from TRL5 to TRL7, and US$5.3M in non dilutive funding to build two TRL7 field pilots for
  • The Company is offering 25% equity in the form of Class A common shares for $4.7M. 25M shares issued. Alternatively, the Company can offer a convertible note at 6% with conversion upon public transaction. There are additional 30% CRA flow through credits that pay independently of the Company’s success.
  • The Company is in talks with a well
    known Canadian financial group to leverage capture gas well assets (more than 170k wells in western Canada currently abandoned and unusable due to outdated conversion technology) to facilitate long term, asset based expansion financing with a conservatively estimated value in excess of US$10 billion.

Development Plan

24-36 month development cycle to optimise processes and then deliver field pilot plant(s).

• Stage 1: build out dev team (9), apply EXCITONICS to partial oxidation / reduction processes.

• Stage 2: increase selectivity for various target products, robustness to poisons, IP capture.

• Stage 3: applied engineering delivering field pilot plant(s).

Development location: Vancouver, British Columbia and TBD field pilot fabricator, process
engineering partner.

Development budget: US$ 10 MM, including US$ 4.7 MM OPEX, US$ 5.3 MM field pilot(s).

The Company will sub-license to technology providers in multiple vertical markets.

• Heterogeneous catalysis results to date: successfully developed and licensed robust redox catalyst for 3-way automotive applications, full oxidation of methane and CO, reduction of N.

• Partial oxidation results to date: laboratory prototype independently confirming (NMR analysis) oxidative coupling C4 C8 from methane at atmospheric pressure and moderate heat.

The Company plans to focus on the development of modular & mobile reactors that can be used at the natural gas extraction site; technology will be subsequently scaled-up to include mega-plant applications.

Exit strategies

Be a part of the future

EXITONICS technology fundamentally changes the way many products are made using inputs far more efficiently while greatly reducing or eliminating unwanted emissions like CO2.

The intelligent design of EXCITONICS technology mimics nature’s own blueprint for superior performance characteristics in efficiency, selectivity, specificity, ease of use, and emissions reduction and elimination at a fraction of the cost and complexity of other man-made catalysts.

EXCITONICS catalyst systems are applicable to multiple vertical markets and are projected to reduce production and processing costs by 20-70% depending upon process.

The technology has already been successfully demonstrated and proven in specific uses and is now being applied to multiple manufacturing processes in worldwide industrial production.

At the end of the day the most efficient system wins, and we invite you to be a part of it.

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If we’ve managed to whet your appetite for EXCITONICS new generation catalysts.

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If you want to contribute to sustainable farming and agriculture.

Or if you simply want the world to be a better place through more thoughtful and people-centric industrial processes.

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